Student workshop on scientific computing 2023

May 25 - 28, 2023. Děčín, Czech Rep. + Online

Departments of Software Engineering and Mathematics
FNSPE CTU in Prague, Czech Republic

Belveder (Labská Stráň, Czech Switzerland)

The Belveder lookout is a stepped terrace on a 180-metre high sandstone rock. It offers beautiful views of the Elbe canyon. The Belvedér Hotel is located in the area, where a refreshment stand is open during the tourist season.

History: the owner (František Clary-Aldringen) had the rock levelled and a terrace created in 1701-1711. The terrace was used for musical performances for the estate and its guests. The salla terrena still bears the coat of arms of the Clary-Aldringen family. In the 19th century, Belveder was connected by a carriage road about 4 kilometres long to the (now defunct) castle in Bynovec, from where the estate used to travel for entertainment.

Way there:

By bus from Děčín, Masarykovo náměstí  to Hřensko, Na Výsluní (37 CZK, 14 minutes). Departures: 12:19 (bus no. 438), 13:15 (bus no. 434). 

Then on foot (3.9 km): use  red hiking trail and from the crossroads "Ústí Suché Kamenice" walk along the green hiking trail to Belveder,