Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics


Proceedings of Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2004

editors M. Beneš, J. Mikyška, T. Oberhuber, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, 2005, ISBN 80-01-03181-0

Preface by the organizers, pp. 1--2

Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Pollution Transport in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. P. Bauer and Z. Jaňour, pp. 3--9

Numerical Studies of Cahn-Hilliard Equation and Applications in Image Processing. V. Chalupecký, pp. 10--22

Evaluation of Saturation-dependent Flux on Two-Phase Flow Using Generalized Semi-Analytic Solution. R. Fučík, T.H. Illangasekare and J. Mikyška, pp. 23--35

Numerical Solution of Inviscid and Viscous Flows Using Weighted Least Square Scheme and Quadrilateral or Triangular Mesh. J. Fürst, pp. 36--46

Conley Index and Numerical Verification. Y. Hiraoka, pp. 47--56

Interfacial Phenomena in Fluid Dynamics: Linking atomistic and macroscopic properties: Can They Explain the Transport Anomalies? R.F. Holub, M. Beneš and B.D. Honeyman, pp. 57--62

Flow Over a Given Profile in a Channel with Dynamical Effects. J. Fürst, R. Honzátko, J. Horáček and K. Kozel, pp. 63--72

The Boundedness of Propagation Speeds of Disturbances for Reaction-Diffusion Systems. R. Ikota, pp. 73--78

A Variational Approach to Very Singular Gradient Flow Equations. Y. Kashima, pp. 79--84

Influence of Mesh-Dependent Korn's Inequality on the Convergence of Nonconforming Finite Element Schemes. P. Knobloch, pp. 85--95

Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) Code for Plasma Simulations. M. Kuchařík and R. Liska, pp. 96--105

Finite Volume Numerical Model of Coal Combustion J. Makovička and V. Havlena, pp. 106--116

Application of a Multiphase Flow Model for Simulations of NAPL Behavior at Inclined Material Interfaces. J. Mikyška and T.H. Illangasekare, pp. 117--127

Numerical Simulation of Dislocation Dynamics by Means of Parametric Approach. V. Minárik, J. Kratochvíl and K. Mikula, pp. 128--138

Global Existence of Solutions for a Free Boundary Problem of Hyperbolic Type with Non-Constant Adhesion. K. Nakane and T. Shinohara, pp. 139--147

Numerical Recovery of the Signed Distance Function. T. Oberhuber, pp. 148--164

Numerical Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Dynamics. R. Straka, 165--175

Qualitative Analysis and Computation of a Flow of Surface Curves Driven by the Geodesic Curvature. K. Mikula and D. Ševčovič, pp. 176--183

Support Splitting, Connecting, and Re-splitting Phenomena in the Flow through an Absorbing Medium. K. Tomoeda, pp. 184--194

Fully Two-dimensional HLLEC Riemann Solver. P. Váchal, R. Liska and B. Wendroff, pp. 195--206