Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2006


Instruction for the authors

The organizers will edit the peer-reviewed proceedings common for the Czech and Slovak Twin Seminar in Applied Mathematics.

Selected papers will be published in the journal Kybernetika. Eligible are papers of the length not exceeding 10 pages A4 and prepared in the LaTEX format given by the editors of the journal.

Remaining papers will be published by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. The proceedings will have its ISBN international code. In this case, the papers have to be prepared in the LaTEX format given in the example and should have the length not exceeding 20 pages A4. The authors wishing to have colored figures in the text should contact the organizers for special treatment.

The articles in both cases (ps or pdf files, and all source components packed and compressed, if possible) should be sent to the organizers by e-mail: . The deadline for submission is November 30, 2006.

The articles selected for the publication in the journal Kybernetika have been carefully checked and transferred to the editors of the journal in the early June 2007. They are expected to appear in the last issue of the journal in 2007:

The articles accepted to the proceedings booklet are organized as follows:

Proceedings of Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2006

editors Bene¹ M., Kimura M. and Nakaki T.